Crew was 'Top Shelf' and Part of the Team!

We wanted to share with you that the gentlemen sent to help us with our move deserve the highest possible recognition within Mills Van Lines. On all accounts the crew was pleasurable to interface with and extremely hard working. My wife handled most of the packing with them and she was extremely pleased with all of their attitudes and work ethic. Other members of my family were also around and had similar feedback that they were a “top shelf” crew. Their efforts to remember the names of our kids, my Dad, and our Dog are the little things that help put a family at ease in time of flux such as moving.

The crew handled everything exactly as they should, staying focused on the task at hand. I needed to make a couple special requests in the order of how we moved things that strayed away from your “normal processes”, and the crew were extremely accommodating, understanding and just took it in stride making the most of the situation. One thing that will always stick in my mind is when we made a request, one of the crew bolstered up and said, “no worries, we are part of team Smith” and another one chimed in “yea Team Smith”. So that was particularly memorable, especially because we rally together sometimes as a family and use the phrase “team Smith”. They would have never known, but that was out of this world cool!

Our experience with this team will enable us to speak highly about Mills Van Lines to my company and friends whenever the topic arises. If there is any way that the same care could be part of our move in starting on the 15th we would greatly appreciate it.

Grateful for a 'Moving' Holiday Memory

Our move fell during the Thanksgiving holiday—the timing was not our choice, but we knew it was necessary, and our moving team from Mills Van Lines was right there with us. Thanksgiving has always been a very important holiday for our family. We prepare a special meal and simply take the time to be with one another. Our family celebration was certainly interrupted by the move, but Mills Van Lines helped make the most special Thanksgiving memory that year.

I was preparing our turkey dinner amidst a kitchen full of boxes and a nearly empty home. Our movers had become like family during the last couple of days as they helped us prepare and pack our belongings. Most everything had been loaded on to the truck, but dinner was still in progress. Then I realized that I had inadvertently asked the movers to pack many of the ingredients and necessities required to complete the meal. The movers sensed that I was in a bind, and asked what they could do to help. I didn’t even have to ask – they offered to retrieve the boxes from the truck so I could finish preparing the meal. Of course, the items weren’t easily accessible and they had to shift other contents around to locate what was needed – but they were successful. And that’s not all. As I prepared the meal and our family enjoyed the company of the movers—they had truly become part of the mix at our home, even after their short time with us!—the movers began to bring in and assemble empty boxes. “More packing?” I wondered. Not at all. They set up a holiday table made from boxes and they made chairs filled with packing paper for us to sit on. It was amazing!

That night, our family and the movers sat around our makeshift table and enjoyed a turkey dinner together. We truly enjoyed one another’s company, and when our family reflects on that year, we remember it as one of the best and most memorable Thanksgivings we ever had. We are so grateful for our moving team. They knew that day was special and important to us, and they made it even more so.